Work Hard, Play Hard: Ascend Elite City Swing Meet Up

Thank you to all the Ascend Capital Accelerator graduates, City Swing staff, trainers/collaborators, and Wacif staff who came out on Thursday, August 17, at City Swing! We were so happy to see everyone! We celebrated the Ascend Capital Accelerator program and all the Ascend graduates while networking and having fun playing golf.

Ascend.Her Beauty Cohort participant and founder of Crawford Creatives, Lyvette Crawford, attended the event and shared her experience on how the Ascend program has impacted her business. “It’s been tremendous. I think between Ascend and Wacif, [they’ve] allowed me to learn and grow and know what I need to move forward to the next level and how to do that,” said Crawford. “As a new business [owner], I’m here, there, everywhere. [Ascend has] helped me focus more and get more concise on what I need to do.”

Wacif and the Ascend program not only support our clients, but we also support our local black businesses. City Swing is one of the most diverse companies in the golf industry around the country. Their goal is to make better golfers faster. With their foundation, they provide free access to golf lessons, simulators, clubs, and paid tournament fees for underrepresented and unserved communities in Greater Washington. “We understand the value of giving back,” said City Swing Founder and CEO Tari Cash. Our City Swing Foundation, which is a registered 501(c)(3), provides completely free golf lessons, exposure, and mentorship for kids and families that want to be introduced to the game and want to have careers in this $102-billion-dollar industry where we are a very, very small portion of that.” By [Wacif] giving to us, we are giving back in so many other ways.” For more information on the City Swing Foundation, visit