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Lakeedra Cunningham

Loan Administrator

Lakeedra Cunningham oversees and manages Wacif’s small business loan portfolio. Her responsibilities are portfolio management, servicing, compliance, and reporting functions for Wacif’s growing portfolio.

She has over 15 years of Banking and Finance, Credit and Asset Management, Legal, Insurance, and accounting experience. She has experience working for notable banks such as JPMorgan Chase. While working for JPMorgan Chase she organized an event in her department, to supply clothing to the shelters in the community, to help their residents be prepared to enter back into the workforce. She has a strong passion for community development and involvement, she has been an active member of her community. She takes part in both community and private organizations and runs her own small business. She has written multiple published news articles for a small community newspaper and is a veteran of the US Army.

Lakeedra has a degree in Paralegal Studies. She enjoys spending time with her family, teaching about holistic living, dancing, writing poetry, reading, and cooking.