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Abdul Wahid Kohgadai

Lending Operations Manager

Abdul Wahid Kohgadai works as a Small Business Loan Officer at Washington Area Community Investment Fund. He has eighteen years of national and international experience in banking, loan processing and management, and business development with the US Small Business Administration, USAID Projects, Non-Profit Financial Institutions, and Commercial Banks.

Kohgadai is well-experienced in loan origination, processing, underwriting, post-disbursement monitoring, and collection. He has successfully managed loan portfolios of over $50M. The US Small Business Administration awarded him a Certificate of Appreciation for his outstanding performance in 2021. Kohgadai holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Kardan University, Afghanistan. He is multilingual, and in addition to his English fluency, he is fluent in Dari (native), Persian, Pashto, and Urdu.