Invest in Your Community. Invest in Wacif.

Over the past 34 years, Wacif has partnered with dozens of socially responsible organizations, families, and individuals to invest in the development of our shared community.

These investments help launch and grow locally-owned small businesses, create jobs and support community-minded organizations build affordable housing and expand child care access.

We currently manage over $8 million to support our community development efforts throughout the Washington, D.C., region. Beginning at $1,000 upwards of $700,000, investments in Wacif bring a social as well as a financial return.

  • 100%

    Investor Repayment

  • 53+


  • $20000

    Average Investment

  • 2.8%

    Average Interest Rate

Our borrowers undergo rigorous underwriting to ensure their long-term viability. Even during difficult financial times, Wacif’s lending continues to perform and we have fully repaid every investor in the history of our operation.

Being responsible to our investors and responsive to the community is our top priority. We have proven our ability to deliver community impact and financial return for 32 years. When you invest in Wacif, you know we’re putting your money to good use for you and your community.

Become a Wacif investor in three easy steps:


Determine the amount you want to invest


Decide on a term or how many years you want to invest.


Submit your Investor Application and speak with our staff to start your investment.
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