Wacif and Streetsense Announce Goods & Service Awardees

Entrepreneurs Named to Goods & Service Initiative

  • Wacif and Streetsense are pleased to announce a talented group of local entrepreneurs named to the very first Goods & Service initiative! The entrepreneurs accepted into Goods & Service are part of a diverse group of retail and food service businesses chosen through a competitive application process from throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

    Goods & Service is a Streetsense initiative launched in partnership with Wacif to bring pro bono (free!) business consulting to local, independent entrepreneurs.

    The initiative aims to support entrepreneurs located in changing neighborhoods or commercial corridors that are facing direct or indirect challenges or seeking help to pivot their business to seize new opportunities in a changing climate.

We are proud to announce below the entrepreneurs accepted as part of the Goods & Service initiative! The 2018 class includes:

During the week of February 19th – February 23rd these business owners will work with a team of experts ranging from research analysts, real estate strategists, architects, planners, designers, brand strategists, chefs, content creators, public relations experts and more.

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