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    Today Access Green, a residential energy contractor, is the only Washington, D.C.-based Building Performance Institute ‘GoldStar Contractor.’ That’s industry lingo for being honored as a firm that knows how to improve energy efficiency while providing safety measures above and beyond the call of duty.

    But that might not have have happened if Wacif hadn’t given its support to Joe Andronaco, who once ran Access Green as a subsidiary of a larger company — which decided to dissolve the business.

But Andronaco had other ideas for his firm, which is based in the Brentwood neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

Instead of shutting the doors to Access Green, Andronaco took over and went into business himself. With limited cash and denied a traditional bank loan, Andronaco was introduced to Wacif’s staff at a critical juncture.

With Wacif’s flexible financing and free, ongoing business counseling, we supported Andronaco and Access Green. The company not only kept its doors open, it also hired several new full-time employees on its way to becoming Washington, D.C., top “Green Contractor.”

In all, Wacif supported Andronaco with $200,000 in financing — one loan of $50,000 and another of $150,000


    Andronaco expressed satisfaction about his firm’s relationship with Wacif, and the impact it’s had on his bottom line: Access Green has seen a 137 percent increase in revenues since working with Wacif. In its six years of operation, the firm has created or sustained 12 jobs in the community.

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