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Valérie Kindt

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Valérie Kindt serves as Wacif’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, where she brings her experience in financial inclusion, with a focus on providing advisory services to financial institutions serving underbanked small businesses in the US, Asia, and Africa.

In her 20+ years’ experience, Valérie has taken on a variety of roles. As a technical advisor based in Haiti, she helped guide the design and implementation of a leading bank’s first financial products geared towards unbanked entrepreneurs. Valérie has also held numerous leadership positions. More recently, she guided the strategy and operations of the 50+ member Global Advisory Team at Accion, a global non-profit organization. As an organization that continuously re-assesses its value to the underbanked, Accion provided Valérie with countless opportunities to create, innovate, build teams, and lead.

In 2021, Valérie decided to change tracks and focus on the US market, specifically with underserved small businesses in the Washington D.C. area. Valérie has called D.C. home for 20+ years, and believes it is time to give back to the city she loves.