Jennifer Bryant

  • Jennifer Bryant is the Program Manager for Community Wealth Building Initiatives at Wacif. In this role, she leads the DC Employee Ownership Initiative, a strategic investment to preserve legacy businesses and create new pathways to entrepreneurship. After working for several years in the labor and cooperative movements, Jennifer comes to Wacif grounded in the belief that shared ownership and community wealth are central to building racial and economic equity.

    Jennifer has worked in the labor movement on the local and national level. She helped establish DC’s first Black Worker Center before moving to the International Labor Communications Association, a constituent organization of the AFL-CIO.

    Jennifer is committed to revitalizing and expanding employee ownership in the District. She was a founding steering committee member of Cooperation DC, a grassroots group that organized trainings, learning journeys, and community popular education for low-income communities of color. She currently is a member of the DC Cooperative Stakeholders Group which was initiated by the DC Department of Small and Local Business Development in 2016.

    Jennifer is a member of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Leaders Program, which brings together leaders across the country and across sectors to address health inequities and implement transformative public health initiatives. Her team’s project explores economic determinants of health and the impact of worker cooperative ownership on health outcomes in Southeast Washington.

    Jennifer holds a BA in English from Howard University and a Masters from St. John’s University.