Wacif Staff Tours 11th Street Bridge Park

New park will help bridge the Anacostia River

Wacif Tours Planned Development and Discusses Community Wealth Building

Wacif staff recently toured the soon-to-be developed 11th Street Bridge Park and surrounding community in Ward 8’s Anacostia neighborhood. We were led by Scott Kratz, Director of the 11th Street Bridge Park, who guided us through the multi-year process Building Bridges Across the River, who leads the development, has undertaken to engage the residents before shovels hit the ground.

  • Wacif is part of a group of local nonprofit organizations working together to fulfill the projects Equitable Development Plan (EDP). The Bridge Parks EDP is a multi-pronged approach to mitigate the effects of development on the surrounding community and to help the residents who live there today, be there to enjoy the park once it opens.

    Through a myriad of programs supporting asset building and wealth creation the participating organizations will focus their efforts around housing, small business growth, and workforce development. The multi-year collaboration includes home purchase assistance, skills and job training, financing and promoting small business and entrepreneurship, and the creation of a community land trust to help residents near the development age and live in place.

    To learn more about Wacif’s partnership within the collaborative check out our Press Release. You can learn more about the 11th Street Bridge Park itself by visiting www.bridgepark.org

  • Scott Kratz (R) speaks about the 11th Street Bridge Park as he leads a tour for Wacif staff

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