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Julian Everett

Signature Cuts and Shaves

  • Julian’s Story

    Julian Everett had been a barber for eight years and loved what he did for a living but he wanted more. His dream was to have his own shop. But where to start? To help, Julian thought it best to go into business with someone who knew something about running and managing a salon of their own – his mom. His mother, June Everett owned and operated a salon in Washington, DC for over 20 years. Together they believed they had the experience to run a successful barbershop. So now what? Licensing? Contractors? Lease negotiations? Even with June’s previous experience they realized they still needed a helping hand to get off the ground.

    Wacif first met Julian at a community meeting where we discussed the idea of opening his own business. Soon he was working closely with Tim Hampton, one of Wacif’s Entrepreneurship Coach’s to build a foundation under his business so that when they opened their doors they would have the greatest chance of success. As we worked together to develop a marketing plan, discuss negotiating a lease and obtaining capital, Wacif and Julian developed a strong working relationship. After months spent meeting, working and planning Julian was confident enough to begin looking for a space.

  • Julian standing in front of his barbershop Signature Cuts and Shaves at 1019 U Street NW

  • Location, Location, Location

    He quickly found a location that had become available on the popular U St. corridor. The space was just the right size, perfect for where his clients could find him and some where he could leverage the bustling foot traffic a major thoroughfare could provide. There were a number of other businesses competing for the space, including chain stores with deeper pockets but after Wacif toured the site with Julian we agreed that it was perfect for his needs and customers. The landlord was hesitant to lease to a startup but Wacif quickly provided a letter of support and expressed our confidence in Julian and his plans.

    Over many months Julian had worked with Tim to develop a sound business plan which, together with Wacif’s backing, helped the landlord overcome any doubts about leasing to a startup entrepreneur – and they signed.

    Getting to Open

    Julian and his mother had made great strides but still had work to do. They did their market research, had successfully negotiated a lease and now they had to figure out how to navigate the details of building out a space. Tim worked closely with Julian to create a cost-effective plan for construction, provided guidance on obtaining building permits,, managing inspections, contractors, and to ensure that work was completed before advancing more funds.

    A few months later construction was completed on-time and on-budget. Julian opened the doors to Signature Cuts and Shaves – which he co-owns with his mother, June – in 2016.

    They now have 7 full-time employees and are looking to continue to grow.

    You can visit Signature Cuts and Shaves at 1019 U St. NW, Washington, DC 20001

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