Veronica O. Davis and Chanceé Lundy



    When Veronica Davis and Chanceé Lundy met in 2002, both were environmental interns at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, a Raritan, New Jersey-based firm that provides in vitro diagnostic products.

    Both Davis and Lundy were teeming with goals and visions. The two women quickly discovered that beyond their common vocation as engineers, they both hoped to apply their technical knowledge at the grass roots level.

    In 2009 Davis and Lundy decided to initiate a venture as owners of an environmental consulting firm. Though they had high hopes for their business, Davis and Lundy didn’t have the funds to build the type of business they had in mind.

  • Chanceé Lundy (center) and Veronica O. Davis (center-right) have built Nspiregreen into an industry leader

Frustrated by the roadblocks they faced in securing financing for their idea, Davis and Lundy sometimes wondered whether they should throw in the towel.

Fortunately the pair found Wacif, which decided to partner with them to close the funding gap that threatened to quash their dreams. Wacif provided Davis and Lundy four loans totaling $195,000 to help them build Nspiregreen.

“Wacif has not only provided financial assistance to help our small business grow, but they have gone above and beyond by serving as business mentors and cheerleaders,” Davis said.


    Today Nspiregreen assists business, governments and nonprofit organizations in achieving and implementing their sustainability goals in support of community development.

    Along the way Davis and Lundy have collected several awards. The Congress Heights Community Organization named Davis and Lundy Small Business Women of the Year in 2014 while the Small Business Majority gave them a Community Development Award in 2015

    From their efforts –and Wacif’s backing– the six-year-old firm has seen an 88 percent increase in revenue while creating or sustaining five jobs.

    Lundy stressed the importance of Wacif’s support in boosting their business’ bottom line. “I see them as vital to our business. If it had not been for Wacif, I don’t know if we would have really been able to remain a business or keep going. They came in the nick of time,” Lundy said.

    To see how Nspiregreen can help your business, agency or organization with your sustainability goals visit them at www.nspiregreen.com

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