Community Forklift

Turning the waste stream into a resource stream for local communities

Community Forklift


    Today Community Forklift lives by the tagline: “Turning the waste stream into a resource stream for local communities.”

    The Maryland-based surplus, salvage and green building material home improvement store sells new and used materials priced significantly below retail.

    The idea for Community Forklift had its genesis at the Sustainable Community Initiative, a District of Columbia-based nonprofit corporation that incubates and facilitates the growth of social enterprises and public education programs that promote local values creation and investment.

  • Nancy Meyer (second from right) and her team have helped keep over $30 million worth of materials out of landfills

But the idea might not have gotten off the ground if not for Wacif.  Over ten years ago Wacif gave the organization a $200,000 loan to help fund the then start-up. Then in 2012, Wacif gave Community Forklift another $25,000 loan to purchase a truck to support its growing warehouse business.

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