Small Business Workshops



Small Business Boot Camp: Business Basics

February 23, 2015

1231 Good Hope Rd SE, Washington, DC, 20020 - The Hive 2.0

WACIF's "Business Basics" boot camp is the first of four Small Business Boot Camps sponsored by Capital One. This session will get you ready to hit the ground running as you start your business. As we discuss the importance of writing your business plan and the steps to complete you will begin to formalize your small business. Other topics include: basic business licensing, regulations, an overview of business taxes, and business insurance.


Tax Issues for Small Business Owners

February 26, 2015

2012 Rhode Island Ave. NE, Washington, DC - WACIF Offices

In our small business taxes 101 seminar you will learn how to walk and talk to the IRS like a business. We will discuss the steps to establishing your business in the proper legal format, how to maximize your business tax deductions and the all-important record keeping and reporting to ensure that, doing your business taxes, is easy and efficient.


Small Business Loan Day

February 28, 2015

2012 Rhode Island Ave. NE, Washington, DC 20018 - WACIF Offices

Sit and speak one-on-one with a lender!     

Reserve your spot today for a one-on-one session with a small business lender - FREE, tailored and honest, financing advice.